Red Bull Smoothie Recipe

Did you know there are people in this world who never drink caffeine? I know. 

I KNOW. How could they deprive themselves of such a tasty and exciting drug? And more importantly, why would they even want to?

Well, apparently, there are studies that link caffeine consumption to incontinence, hypertension, osteoporosis, empty bank accounts and other not so desirable states.

However, like any good scientist, I choose to ignore the correlations nay-sayers have shown between caffeine and things that make kids cry and focus on the abundance of studies indicating that my drug of choice might actually be beneficial. I mean, who wouldn’t want to decrease their risk for breast cancer, lower their chances of spending time in the hospital for an arrhythmia, keep the creepy naked guy in their brain a bit healthier and happier or simply be more awake, alert and happy? Sadists. That’s who.

In honor of my obvious state of addiction, and at the request of one of my favorite friends inside the computer – @fizzlemed – as well as one of my friends from outside the computer – @scheske – I am going to share with you my new favorite caffeinated addiction:
Red Bull Smoothies


  • 8.3 oz Red Bull*
  • ~1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • ~3 Frozen Peach Slices
  • ~4 Tablespoons Guava Juice
  • 1.5 Scoops Orange Sherbert
  • Handful of Ice

I like to add a splash of milk and Torani’s Vanilla syrup to mine, but Donnie prefers them without the added creamy, sugary goodness. Obviously, the recipe is not super even close to exact – if it’s too thin just add more strawberries or more ice. 

This recipe was derived from the ingredients of a similar drink we were spending way too much money having someone in a chain smoothie store make for us. We couldn’t find a recipe online, so we made one up. It’s really good – I’m not a big fan of the way Red Bull tastes in general, but this doesn’t have that strange bite at all. It’s really quite delicious.

*We’ve also made them with Sugar-Free Red Bull and there is absolutely no difference in taste in my opinion.