Friday Favorites | Happier Than Your Facebook Timeline

as we close out this beautiful week.

Milo & I have been a touch sick this week and it’s reminded me how very important it is to slow down, take care of ourselves, and focus on what matters.

So, as we close this week let’s all try to Slow Down For Self-Care

to make life more efficient and stream-lined.
  • Keep dry erase markers in the bathroom to write to-do lists or notes on the mirror when genius ideas strike in the mornings.
  • KITCHEN. SCISSORS. – If you’re still using a knife to cut your kids food, let me introduce to my best freaking friend. Especially for all the stupid grapes we have to cut in half.

links to make you laugh, happy cry, or cringe smile.

which inspired or challenged me this week.

Brooke (@brook.froelich) inspiring me to GET OFF MY BOOTY and get outside with my babies!

Anita (@yoga_doc_md) detailing her fertility journey & egg retrieval!

Amber (@masseya) with the cutest ever fam dinner – making the best out of a cancelled baby sitter!

Michelle (@mmaneevese) inspiring me to make the world more beautiful with yoga and haiku.

to take us both into the next week mindfully

Do something offline this weekend.