365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 8

August 17-August 23

Day 50: Seriously considered crawling in this abandoned bed for a 6:30am nap.
Day 51: Never noticed the area left of the main library entrance was completely void of grass until I saw it from up here. I've walked passed that on the ground probably a million times and never noticed the dirt "landscaping" over there.
Day 52: (Im)Patiently waiting on a table at Abuelos.
Happy Sweet 16, Sister!
Day 53: Dinner & cookie cake for my sweet sister's 16th birthday.
Day 54: Starbucks had the thermostat set on Alaska┬░ so we did some of our studying outside today.
Day 55: This is what I found when I opened the microwave to warm up leftovers...I think my husband is losing it.

My Vegan Dog
Day 56: First we discovered his obsession with bananas, today he proclaims his love of broccoli. I think our dog is going Vegan.