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Very little interesting material is flowing from brain to fingers today, so I’m officially instating what will henceforth be known as Trivia Tuesday. I’m a medical student so these will probably usually be some sort of really boring USMLE style question with multiple choice answers, but you never know when I might throw out a random question about coconuts and their associated death rates. Pick your answer and the winner gets a virtual high five. Come back tomorrow for the answer along with an explanation of the other options!

Bilateral ovarian masses are identified on pelvic examination of a 40-year-old woman. Ultrasound examination reveals multiloculated cystic masses involving both ovaries. The patient is treated with total abdominal hysterectomy with removal of both adnexa. Pathologic examination demonstrates papillary carcinoma producing serous fluid. Which of the following tumor markers would be most useful in monitoring for recurrence?

  1. Alpha-Fetoprotein
  2. Bombesis
  3. CA-125
  4. PSA
  5. S-100   
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For a much more fun and exciting version of this game make your way on over to Marianne’s Blog on Mondays for her Medical Mystery day. 

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  • CA-125? Could be way off. I really like coconuts but I would not like one on my head.

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