Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 13

September 21 – September 27

Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope
Day 85: Lonely little stethoscope hasn't seen the inside of my external auditory canal since I started Psychiatry.

Day 86: Drunk Sage
Day 86: Sage On Sedatives"Mom, is this real life??" We have a torn ACL. 🙁
Day 87: Phase 10 Dice
Day 87: Tacos, Sangria, Banana Pudding, Phase 10 & Sweet Friends.
Day 89: Lazy Wrigley
Day 88: Why do we bother buying them dog beds? Wrigley would rather sleep on pillows or clothes and Sage pulls all the stuffing out of them.
Day 89: Evil Flu Shot
Day 89: My arm is rotting off from inside my Deltoid out. Flu shots do that, right?'s totally happening. Or it's sore. Either way.
Day 90: Taco Tuesday
Day 90: Taco Tuesday

Day 91: Bed Intruder
Day 91: I definitely made the bed this morning before leaving, but this is how I found it this afternoon. I believe we've had a bed intruder...likely of the canine variety.

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  1. Jami

    This takes some serious discipline!!


  2. Red Stethoscope

    Day 89: Pretty much how I always feel about flu shots. “OMG, it’s EATING MY FLESH”…then…”OK wait, I’m good now.”

    Day 87: Phase 10 and Sangria? MSIII, I want you now!


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