365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 18

October 27 – November 2

Cute Puppy
Day 120: In the hospital for 15 hours today...Wrigley was all I managed to get a picture of...mostly cuz I just needed a picture.

Pumpkin Carving - Jack O Lanterns
Day 121: Halloween party at the neighbors house - some pretty sweet pumpkin-carving skills going on over there.

Bleeker & Juno for Halloween
Day 122: Juno & Bleeker for Halloween. πŸ™‚ I got told twice to put my drink down because they seriously thought I was pregnant. Best pillow pregnancy ever.

Delivering Baby Mannequin
Day 123: Last week I learned to deliver a plastic baby in the Sim Lab...today I delivered a real one.

Starbucks - Why We Go Together So Well
Day 124: Donnie is so awesome - brought us coffee for Night Float. The saying on the cup is pretty accurate too. πŸ™‚ Love him.

Hats With Bows
Day 125: Love these little bows they make for the hats they put on the baby girls.

New Simple Shoes
Day 126: New kicks.


Starbucks Stealing Canine

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Weeks 16 & 17

October 13 – October 26


Dogs on the Bed
Day 106: Wondered why it was so quiet...found this. Guess I'll make sure the bedroom door is completely closed next time I'm not paying attention to them.

Donnie & Danielle Jones
Day 107: Date Night at Carino's then movie!

Day 108: This little light of mine....

Couch Stain
Day 109: Not only did Mae jump the baby gate, she did it with a mouth full of salt water taffy. Any ideas on how to get THAT out of my couch?

Lubbock Texas Haboob
Day 110: I believe the technical term for today's event is haboob...I prefer disgusting.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins
Day 111: Friend made Pumpkin Oatmeal muffins. Donnie didn't eat one...he stole it and saved it for breakfast.

Starbucks Stealing Canine
Day 112: It appears as though my study buddy could be plotting a coffee heist...

Coffee Art
Day 113: Pretty sure I have a picture almost just like this from exactly 8 weeks ago when I was studying for last rotation's shelf exam at Sugar Brown's. Moral of the story: Nothing interesting to take pictures of when you study all day. Good thing I didn't start this 1st year - woulda been 730 days of coffee pictures.

USA Map - We like Alaska
Day 114: You had to be there I guess.

Starbucks Day
Day 115: Hanging out at Starbucks with DRJ without having to study. I love the weekends between rotations!

Red Velvet Brownies
Day 116: Red Velvet Brownies. Today was great - lunch with Aunt Linda & Uncle Bob then World Series, delicious fajitas and good times with sweet friends.

Antique Car
Day 117: Sweet antique car at Walgreens.

Petrified Pre-Op Patient
Day 118: Is it just me, or does my OR patient look a little petrified?

Ob/Gyn Book
Day 119: First actual day of Ob/Gyn...pretty sure before today the last time I woke up at 4:30am on purpose I was still in diapers.

Basket Pusher

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Weeks 14 & 15

September 28 – October 12

Starbucks Free Drink Card
Day 92: Always a happy day when these show up in my mailbox.

High School Football
Day 93: Nothing like watching my old high school play football to make me feel old.
Pretty Flower
Day 94: Pretty flowers, thanks hubby.
Going to Grapevine
Day 95: On the road again...headed to the closest surgical vet clinic prepared to deal with a fully ruptured canine ACL...6 hours away.
Fort Worth Skyline at Sunset
Day 96: Headed into Fort Worth to have dinner with some of our very favorite people. Great night.
Hiking, Surgery Puppy & Panera
Day 97: Despite the circumstances we had a good day in Fort Worth. Panera, Dog Park/Trails and picking up a disoriented, half-sedated Sage. Surgery went well, glad to be home.
TPLO Surgery for Sage
Day 98: Should've studied some this evening, but instead I hung out with gimpy and watched TV. Oops.
The Day The Muffins Burned
Day 99: The day this happened.
Outside With Sage
Day 100: Getting some Vitamin D therapy. I love her crossed feet.
Aggies Win! Gig 'Em!
Day 101: Third Aggie win against Texas Tech in the three years we've lived in Lubbock. Gig 'Em. πŸ™‚
Basket Pusher
Day 102: This handsome guy offered me a ride across the parking lot on the basket...aren't y'all happy to have such mature people to call your friends?
Spy Cat
Day 103: This little guy was taunting Mae on our walk tonight...from the safety of his glass-protected window sill.
Read To Cook Tortillas
Day 104: Newest obsession - fun AND delicious...and if you play your cards right you can totally convince your friends you made homemade tortillas.

Clean & Clear Tastes GROSS
Day 105: Unless you're wondering how Clean & Clear Morning Burst tastes (disgusting) I'd suggest you close your mouth while washing your face...not that I'd know...totally hypothetical.

Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 13

September 21 – September 27

Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope
Day 85: Lonely little stethoscope hasn't seen the inside of my external auditory canal since I started Psychiatry.

Day 86: Drunk Sage
Day 86: Sage On Sedatives"Mom, is this real life??" We have a torn ACL. πŸ™
Day 87: Phase 10 Dice
Day 87: Tacos, Sangria, Banana Pudding, Phase 10 & Sweet Friends.
Day 89: Lazy Wrigley
Day 88: Why do we bother buying them dog beds? Wrigley would rather sleep on pillows or clothes and Sage pulls all the stuffing out of them.
Day 89: Evil Flu Shot
Day 89: My arm is rotting off from inside my Deltoid out. Flu shots do that, right? No...well...it's totally happening. Or it's sore. Either way.
Day 90: Taco Tuesday
Day 90: Taco Tuesday

Day 91: Bed Intruder
Day 91: I definitely made the bed this morning before leaving, but this is how I found it this afternoon. I believe we've had a bed intruder...likely of the canine variety.

Silly Faces

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 12

September 14 – September 20

Hippocrates Money
Day 78: Class meeting today - they gave us each $5,000 in fake money and had us bid on "values." They wouldn't let me just put mine in a high interest savings account instead of spending it...what the heck ever happened to saving?
New Rug
Day 79: Finally found a rug for the living room!
Silly Faces
Day 80: "I said make a silly face!" ... "Ummm, I did. I flared my nostrils."
eLife Downtown
Day 81: "Don't worry about tomorrow." Matthew 6:34
Fruity Pebble
Day 82: Classmate made Fruity Pebble treats for us. Um, awesome! They were really good. Especially when I didn't get a lunch break, but still had "food."
P.S. No lunch? What's up with that, Psychiatry?!
Day 83: Hard to see here, but there was a tiny rainbow on the way to clinic.
West Elm Duvet
Day 84: New duvet cover! West Elm Blocked Tulip pattern.

Family Walk

365 Days in (Mobile) Photos – Week 11

September 7 – September 13

Diet Vanilla Coke
Day 71: Made time for a coke run today. Forgot how much I love Sonic drinks.
Day 72: Had 2 of these in my bag from a bakesale at the hospital today. Wrigley dug them out, ripped through the wrapping and went to town. He had them both eaten before I even had a clue. Sound familiar? A few Google searches, call to emergency vet clinic and several hours later he was still acting like Wrigley, so I guess he's ok.
Church At eLife
Day 73: Happy 4th Birthday, eLife. We have loved spending the past 2 years celebrating God's work with y'all! Thanks for the love, support and acceptance!
Keva Juice
Day 74: Discovered this place with a Groupon a while back. Ever wonder how stores makes money by using Groupon? We are the prime example. We did make a copy-cat recipe of one of their Red Bull Smoothies that has saved us some money, but sometimes you just want the real thing!
Closet Cleaning
Day 75: Cleaned a trash bag full of donate-worthy clothes out of here today and still have way too many clothes. True Life: I'm a Clothing Hoarder.
Green House & Garden
Day 76: Went to an estate sale today. Everything was wayyy overpriced, but the house was gorgeous (and ginormous) and had a garden & greenhouse out back.
Family Walk
Day 77: Walking the dogs...our family has 16 legs. But one of Sage's is gimp for some reason. I see a vet visit in our future.
Sunset over El Paseo

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 10

September 1 – September 6

Justin's Drawing
Day 64: Justin drew this of us in lecture at the Betty Ford Center. I'm third from left.
Donnie's Drawing
Sunset over El Paseo
Day 66: Sunset over El Paseo Dr. in Desert Springs, CA. Great end to a great week.
Texas By Plane
Day 67: Ah, that looks a little more familiar...almost back in West Texas.
Gig 'Em Aggies
Day 68: First A&M game of the year - Gig 'Em Aggies!
This was a great day for more reasons than I can count.
Pretty Sage :)
Day 69: Pretty Sage enjoying the fabulous Labor Day weather. Wonderful weather for dinner on the patio with Donnie and the crazy canines.

Lifehouse Social
Day 70: Lifehouse Social.

August 28

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 9

August 24 – August 30

August 24
Day 57: Cute little owl book bag my mom got me for my birthday. The owls make me think of my grandpa.
August 25
Day 58: Leafy Latte.
August 26
Day 59: Three hour shelf exam this morning, finally mailed Aleece's birthday card this afternoon and movie date to see "The Help."
August 27
Day 60: Dinner & Margaritas with my Cousin and her friends.
August 28
Day 61: I don't think we're in West Texas anymore.
August 29
Day 62: FaceTime with Donnie and a very confused Wrigley.

August 30
Day 63: Long, exhausting day, but definitely enjoying the experience.

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 8

August 17-August 23

Day 50: Seriously considered crawling in this abandoned bed for a 6:30am nap.

Day 51: Never noticed the area left of the main library entrance was completely void of grass until I saw it from up here. I've walked passed that on the ground probably a million times and never noticed the dirt "landscaping" over there.
Day 52: (Im)Patiently waiting on a table at Abuelos.
Happy Sweet 16, Sister!
Day 53: Dinner & cookie cake for my sweet sister's 16th birthday.
Day 54: Starbucks had the thermostat set on AlaskaΒ° so we did some of our studying outside today.
Day 55: This is what I found when I opened the microwave to warm up leftovers...I think my husband is losing it.

My Vegan Dog
Day 56: First we discovered his obsession with bananas, today he proclaims his love of broccoli. I think our dog is going Vegan.

Birthday Presents

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 7

August 10 – August 16

Birthday Presents
Day 43: Birthday package...couldn't make myself wait until my birthday to open it...probably because I'm turning 6. Thanks for the presents!
Day 44: The DNA helix in the clinic window looks very pretty (and geeky) at 6:30am...my face, on the other hand, looks very grumpy at 6:30am.
Day 45: Twenty Fifth Birthday.
Coffee At Starbucks
Day 46: Some studying, some New Zealand planning and some coffee.
Toothbrush Torticollis
Day 47: Toothbrush Torticollis...makes oral hygiene slightly more challenging.
I Dare You...
Day 48: Apparently this rabbit has become his prized possession, he's started protecting it like it's his job. If I even pretend I'm going to touch it he turns into a spastic, growling maniac-of-a-fluffball.

Casa de Jones
Day 49: 3D Diorama of our house from construction paper.