365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 3

July 13 – July 19

Day 15: Passed USMLE Step 1!! Finally officially a 3rd year! Glad that's over...
Day 16: Sign on our coffee bar reminding us that, like the Bible verse says, with caffeine all things are possible. ... Wait, I think I may be mis-quoting that.
Day 17: Date night! Who's that handsome guy standing next to me? Maybe I can con him into marrying me.
Day 18: Ritual weekend visit to Red Box.
Day 19: Call day coffee care of gift card from my little sister (no patient info was shared in the staging of this photo - blank form is totally HIPAA compliant).
Day 20: Anniversary flowers from the hubby.

Day 21: Wonder how many packs of G-2s I'll have to pay for before I finally learn not to leave pens lying around in the hospital...