All Helmets Are Not Created Equal

I really thought this was common sense…

Had I not just written a post about parents knowingly putting their young children in danger’s way, I would write a long and judgmental blog right now about how I wanted to yell obscenities at a father yesterday while taking a leisurely walk with my husband and our dogs. Instead, I’ll just tell you what I saw.

A man riding a dirt bike through our neighborhood (Strike 1 – Not a street legal bike) with his toddler-age son (Strike 2 – Not a double occupancy bike) who was wearing a foam bicycle helmet (Strike 3 – Not gonna help much your child flies 100 feet and lands head first on the pavement). 

Let me end this by saying that I am in no way anti-motorcycle. I grew up riding and racing dirt bikes and ATVs and I think they are a lot of fun, albeit inherently dangerous, when used in the right context and with appropriate safety equipment. My dad has a gorgeous red Harley and he loves it, but I’m not sure I could ever get on one again…after working in the ER they scare the bejeezus out of me 
 (on that note, dad – please for the love of God get a helmet for that thing). If you want to endanger your life, then that’s your choice but please, use your brain when operating heavy machinery and think twice before putting your child’s life at risk.