Present and Future

It’s a strange feeling I get when I review the past year of my life….well really my entire life. When I was in High School I looked forward to being out of my hometown, in college and on my own….that’s when life would really start. In College I wanted nothing more than to be self-dependent, working for my own money and making all my own decisions….that’s when life would truly begin. When I was working I was simply waiting to get into Medical School, where my life would take off and I would be on the way to my future. While I was dating my now-husband I thought about how we’d get engaged. While engaged I thought of the future, the wedding, owning a home, living together and just being….married. Now that we’re very happily married I think almost on a daily basis how I will tell him I’m pregnant….despite the fact that deep down neither of us are quite ready for a kid to bust in and start trying to destroy us. Now that I’m in Medical School’s science years I can’t think abut anything but being in the clinic. When does life start?!

Although I realize that these goals and looking forward to the future are what have lead me to the great life I have now and kept me motivated when things were tough, I am making a conscious decision to enjoy the life I’m living. Do you ever think back and wonder what you missed while you were busy thinking about the future?? Don’t get me wrong, it’s so fun to look forward to all the things life has to offer….but if you’re like me you need to seriously start looking around at the great life you have now.
I consider myself to be one of the most blessed people I have ever met. I’ve had hardships in my life….some that people would consider quite big….but I look around and see the things others go through and my “hardships” don’t even compare.
I still plan to look forward to the future, because I have goals I need to work towards. However, the time is now. Now is when life starts. I don’t want to take the life I have right this second for granted, it could all change in the blink of an eye.
So, here’s to living the life you have right now.