I need to stop watching the news. It makes me paranoid and sad, but for some reason I just flip it on constantly. Everyday another girl is raped and/or murdered, a child is neglected, a parent is missing, someone abused their right to carry a gun….and the list goes on and on. I no longer feel safe in my environment. School shootings, robberies, assaults….

I enjoy hearing about the upcoming election and forming my opinion on the candidates, but I don’t really care about their sex lives. Can we discuss the issues, please? Immigration, health care, war, economy, national security, education and not the intern you did or did not sleep with years ago.

I suppose my goal for this week will be to listen to more music and watch less TV, particularly news programs. Music calms me, opens my eyes and reminds me of the good in people. I sincerely believe music can heal the soul.