Anatomy Scan

21 weeks + 2 days

Today we had our “anatomy scan” where they basically do a detailed ultrasound of the baby to look for various fetal anomalies or malformations. We got great news – everything is looking perfectly on track for both Little Elves*! Basically each appears to have a three vessel umbilical cord (which mean two arteries and one vein per cord), two kidneys, a cute little round stomach, a four-chambered heart with good outflow tracts, no obvious brain or spine malformations, etc. We are so overwhelmingly happy and feel absolutely blessed!

Baby A Information

This is a picture of Baby A with left arm over left eye and hand on head. This little guy/girl wouldn’t cooperate long enough to let us get a really good face shot! I think this one is still adorable, but of course I’m a bit biased. :)

  • Heart Rate: 152
  • Approximate Weight: 14 ounces
  • Position: During the scan this little one went from vertex (head down) to transverse left (horizontal with head on my left) to breech (head up by my ribs) without me even being able to tell gymnastics were happening in my belly! It was the craziest thing.

Baby B Information

This is a picture of Baby B with one arm/hand up over the right side of the face and the other under the chin! This little one was slightly more cooperative with face shots, but still wouldn’t let us get a full-on picture.

  • Heart Rate: 155
  • Approximate Weight: 14 ounces
  • Position: Breech on my left (so curled up a bit with head near my left ribs).


*Since we don’t know the sex of either baby (and aren’t finding out until they can show us in person themselves) we are lovingly referring to them as “The Elves.” This name came about because they will hopefully be here around Christmas time…oh and also they looked a bit elfin in their early scan pics. :)

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  • Congrats on the twins! You have an adventure ahead of you :)

    • Thanks so much! Definitely have an interesting year ahead of us. :) Hope things are going great for you!!

  • So exciting! I’m glad to hear that everything is going well. Please keep us updated :)

  • I found your blog just recently as someone who will begin a post-baccalaureate pre-med journey in January. I really enjoy reading all of your posts! They are fun, interesting and informational on what it’s like to be a med student. I’ve been warned many times (already) that it will be impossible for me to get married and have kids and be a doctor, but it is nice to see that it is not just possible but they are all blessings. Your blog encourages me with my dream :)

    Congratulations! Little Elves is such a great nickname!

  • congrats!

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