Infographic – Medical School Facts

Thought this was interesting…and by interesting I mean horrifying:


*In other news real Mind On Med blogging will return this week! Celebrate!


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  • I’ve been lamenting against higher-ed for the last year or so, but I’ve always presumed physicians (and a few other pursuits) were the exception. I still contend there are certain professions where advanced education is necessary (yours obviously included); however, colleges are without question a business out to be profitable — thus insane tuition and increased student debt comes as no surprise. I’m all for academic elites (docs included) pursuing higher ed, but until core job training components are separated from most college curriculums everyone is going to suffer from the widespread faith in the increasing returns (that likely no longer exist for many majors) and college’s incentive to grow.

    • Well, we do have the benefit that after all that work and money we are relatively secure in our job prospects. Unfortunately, with health care in the states like it is we are not very secure in our earning potential, which may significantly impact our ability to pay back the increasing loan amounts we have now.

      Medical school is no different – the four years of pre-reqs we take in Undergrad are largely superfluous. Almost every country in the US condenses medical education into 6 years total (prior to the residency-equivalent), while we spend 8 in training and leave with significantly more debt. With rare exception people in other countries go to medical straight from high school and graduate with very little debt. Sure, they work as government employees for a while and take home less money yearly, but they also don’t have $2000/mo loan payments, so it likely works out similarly.

      Education, healthcare, it’s all screwed up right now. Screw this, I’m moving to New Zealand. 😉

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