A Little Red Change

Do you ever feel like you just need to make a change?

Not a big change. I never get the urge to auction my life off on Ebay (all yours for one low price – a Mazda, stressful medical exams, & crazy dogs! BUY NOW)…that’s going too far…especially for someone who gets palpitations thinking about changing blog headers and profile pictures.

Just little things.

I’m pretty good at neglecting my hair – last year I went a full 11 months without so much as a trim (I know…stop judging me…). Usually this is because I’m too lazy to get an appointment, lately it’s been because I’m ridiculously busy on my Ob/Gyn rotation.

But, today we got out of lecture unusually early and I decided I would make a change.

Red Hair

I’m still “processing” the new hair color, so please refrain from asking me to change my email address or Twitter icon for at least the next 6 weeks. I can only handle so much, people.

Now excuse me…the landline is ringing and I need to balance my check book.


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  • You could look beautiful in whatever hair color you decide…but I’m really liking the red, nevertheless! Yay for getting out early – time well spent =) Happy Weekend!!

  • ooooh i really like the hair! i force myself to get a cut every time I go home so that it never gets too long- never gotten my hair cut in the place I live 11.5 months out of the year haha.

  • I really like the red too! To answer your question (was it a rhetorical?) at the beginning of your post: YES! Dying my hair always comes to mind, but I end up chickening out. Once I got a super short hair cut that did look nice, but I quickly got over within a few weeks and missed my long hair, so…no more spontaneous do’s of that nature. But coloring? You’ve totally inspired me!

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