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A few weeks ago, while I was consumed with memorizing what causes a left shift on the O2 Dissociation Curve, I received an email that made me giddy with excitement and overwhelmed with gratitude. MomMD.com, a site I’ve frequented many times since deciding to apply to medical school, contacted me asking if I’d consider coming onto their team as a weekly blog contributor. I am ecstatic to have this opportunity and can’t wait to get started over there.

The blog there will be separate from Mind On Medicine and, among other things, I’ll be writing more about topics related to being a woman in medicine. Don’t worry, though – this blog isn’t going anywhere! This is still my personal outlet and I’ll be here just as much, but I’d love to have your support and encouragement as I get started as a contributor for this rockin’ resource.

In the mean time, I would love it if my awesome Mind On Med readers would help me choose a name for the new MomMD blog! Vote for one of the options below, or add a new one. If you come up with something great, I’ll definitely add it to the options!

Later on I’ll announce the winner and let y’all know where you can find me on MomMD!

[polldaddy poll=5261349]

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  • Hmmm…it was a CLOSE tie between Shift Change and Practical Patience. Screw it! I’m voting twice! If I can’t then I say Practical Patience. 

    • Hahaha you can vote as many times as you want. 😉 Thanks for the input!

  • Awesome! Congratulations! =D You definitely deserve it.

    • Thank you!! I’m very excited!

  • What a great opportunity! Look forward to seeing your writings there.

    • Thank you!!

  • Wow…lucky u,may the great LORD bless all ur ways.i’l go with shift change

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