New Zealand Map

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 4

July 20 – July 26

iPad2 Keyboard
Day 22: Anniversary gift - keyboard case for the iPad. Useful and awesome!
Wrigley Thief
Day23: Sleep spot high-jacked while I was brushing my teeth. Crafty ball of fur he is...but, I'm bigger and have opposable thumbs.
Chili's Gift Card
Day 24: Date night at Chili's with a gift card from our family. They rock.


Text Mesage
Day 25: Best "good morning" text ever.
New Zealand Map
Day 26: This map took over our office wall a while ago, but today it became official - we booked our flights! We have talked about going here since we met and in December we get to. So excited. So blessed!!
Sheridan's Ice Cream
Day 27: Our favorite ice-cream place!
Sad Puppy Dog Eyes
Day 28: Think he practices sad puppy dog eyes in a mirror while we're not home?


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  1. Oussama DJEFNI

    Love Day 23 ^^

    Don’t forget he’s got teeth he won’t use out of love unlike your opposable thumbs 😀


    1. Danielle Jones

      hahaha – his sharp teeth aren’t sharp enough to keep me from using my opposable thumbs to pick him up and move him to the foot of the bed. 🙂


  2. Ginny Hill

    Love these!


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