Always Zip Your Backpack Pockets…

or risk losing your favorite study snacks to a vicious predator with long hair, big eyes and a wet nose that is apparently ridiculously good at it’s sniffing job.

Do I look sweet & innocent? Good, that’s what I’m going for…
I’ve often discussed the fact that I own dogs who could, if canine-psychiatry was a real life field, likely earn themselves a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Generally, when I’m talking about my dogs thieving things it’s in reference to our Red Heeler procuring balls and other toys from the neighbors’ yards using her superhero-like skills to scale our 6-ft wooden picket fence…

but not this time.

In addition to supplying us with uncharacteristically good food, the hospital cafeteria attached to my medical school conveniently stocks little packages of peanut butter to put on toast and bagels. Occasionally when I eat there I will have a random package of peanut butter left over and I have taken to throwing them in my backpack with some saltines for a high-protein snack during study hours.

At home our office is the first stop from the back door after you make it through the laundry room and as such my 480 lb. backpack generally ends up living in the most convenient place to drop it when I come in from a long day of studying – on the floor by my desk.

I had been studying at home one day and, being the irresponsible dog-owner that I am, was paying more attention to charts on renal function than I was to Wrigley, my youngest “child,” and the un-zipped backpack sitting right next to me. A little bit later I walked into our bedroom and noticed shredded white paper all over the floor. At first glance I had no idea what it was and, since this dog’s favorite past time seems to be destroying paper towels and dryer sheets, I ignored it under the assumption he’d been dumpster diving again. Then…I smelled peanuts…and noticed this laying on his bed:

I walked back into the office to find a furry white body hanging out of my backpack, the head presumably attached to the front end of said body completely submerged in the front pocket of my backpack searching for a second peanut-buttery treat for the day:

I guess he knew I was about to steal away his tasty treat, so when he noticed me taking pictures he took off running. I tracked the deviant creature down in the kitchen and, naturally, snapped a couple more pictures before snatching away the prize he was so obviously proud of. 

Look Mom! It’s delicious, you should try it…
Not to worry, I was so proud of the little dude’s first cranial nerve and the fact that he had tracked down peanut butter at the bottom of my backpack and formulated a way to rip through the plastic packaging to eat all of it without me knowing, that I opened the package and let him and his sisters chow down. 

What can I say? I’m a bit of a pushover.

And the moral of the story is…
peanut butter is irresistible, zip your backpack pockets.

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  • Good thing you don't carry bananas in your backpack 😉

  • I hope you children have better morals than your dogs. haha. 😉

  • Heartwarming to know fellow 'suckers' succumb to the obvious superior intelligence of the canine.

  • I was thinking the same thing as Donnie while reading this. Now if only Wrigley could get his paws on some banana flavored peanut butter…. Maybe I'll have to break out that treat next time I see him!

  • Yay now you can *totally* justify the banner heading with puppies in it :)

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