Where’s My Hand Sanitizer?

Today is your lucky day – I have some extremly useful, likely life-saving, information to share with you. Everyone isn’t crazy enough to go to medical school, so it’s a good thing there are bloggers like me to save you from the deadly microbes of the Earth that only the board-reviewing med students know about.

Things You’re Doing That Could Kill/Seriously Injure You:

Petting Prairie Dogs
Yersinia pestis, AKA – Causative Agent of the Black Death

 Grocery Shopping
Those nifty mister things in the produce aisle? Deadly.
If you must grocery shop, wear a Legionella-protective mask.

Sporothrix-induced ascending lymphangitis waiting to happen. 

Owning Cats
Toxoplasma gondii laden poo.

Feeding Pigeons
Other than being generally disgusting, they carry Cryptococcus neoformans,
which can give you a nasty meningitis if your immune system’s not in tip-top shape.

Sooooo, med student/doctor/microbiologist/nerd friends, what’s your favorite microbe? I know there are a TON of slightly amusing germy-things I didn’t choose to illustrate here, tell me the ones that have stuck with you!

Images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: p_a_h, Andrew in Durham, erix!, eviltomthai, eggybird

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  • Haha love this!! And is it sad that I learned about pigeons carrying Cryptococcus from House?! lol

    Miss you, love!


  • This made me laugh out loud! Toxoplasmosis is my fave, and you already got it! :)

  • Found it hilarious when I learned that those produce-sprayers can carry Legionella. My sister and I played in them all the time when we were little. We'd stand next to the produce stand waiting for the spray, and then we'd giggle and put our hands all in it. LOL

  • HAHA!! Very funny! Very nice way to learn these bugs. My favorite bug is Francisella Tularensis…don't really know why..maybe the rabbit fever? I think it is the name.
    My hubby also studies with pics and making toons out of everything.

  • Syphilis ftw! Who doesn’t love a cute little spirochete?

    Also, I can stick it onto literally every differential Dx. Bone pain? Syphilis. Rashes? Syphilis. Headache? DEFS syphilis.

  • Pigeons do not carry Cryptococcus neoformans. The fungus can be found in many types of soil, and do particularly seem to enjoy ingesting pigeon guano. There have been studies that have tested other areas of the pigeon for C. neoformans and, unless the bird is covered in its own poo, C. neoformans is not found on the bird.

    Basically what I’m saying is don’t play with pigeon poop. I mean, don’t play with pigeons either…but pigeons do not actually carry the pathogen.

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