Longest 24 Years Of My Life

It has been brought to my attention that you nosy people the 3 people who read my blog would like to know more about me. Well, that’s just too dang bad – I’m going stealth – none of you will ever know my true identity.

Okay, that’s a lie and not only because I think anonymous blogging is dumb in the absence of supremely defined motives (i.e. blogging about more important things than I ramble about here) – it’s also a lie because I litter my Twitter (email my manager about pricing for white, female rapper appearances) with links to this in the hopes my friends inside the internet will materialize into typing fingers. 

August 1986: Bless mom & dad with best gift they would ever receive. 

Uhhh, gift? Why do people call birthing a child a gift? It’s a blessing to be sure, but not a gift. You don’t pay for your own gifts, someone gives them to you, for free….no strings attached. Parents pay for kids, keep them alive, feed them, send them to college, make sure they turn into some sort of upstanding member of society (you might of dropped the ball on that one, parents)….that’s not a gift. Or it better not be. If I get a Christmas gift that costs me an average of a quarter of a million dollars over the course of the time I have it I will. be. pissed! I won’t get too worried about it, though, my income is likely to increase over time!

Some Month 1989: Parent’s Divorce
Some Years Soon After: Parent’s re-marry, shiny new step-parents gain step-child. 
August 1994: Take 3 month old baby sister to school as my “Show And Tell” (yes, really)
August 1995: Baby sister #2 born.
1995-2002: Compete gymnastics, begin playing golf, begin playing the piano, quit playing the piano, begin playing the flute, quit playing the flute, forced to quit gymnastics, start cheerleading so I can still tumble, compete power tumbling & trampoline, join the golf team, suck at golf, get a little better at golf, have lots of fights with parents, gain and lose friends, begin hating home town, devise plan to get far, far away from home town
August 2002: Fail driving test. Throw a temper tantrum. Embarrass mother.
Next Day August 2002: Yell at DMV for computers crashing on such an important day.
Next Day August 2002: Pass driving test. Receive DL despite maturity level of toddler. 
November 2003: Step-Dad needs lung transplant.
December 2003: Move in with Dad, Step-Mom, Youngest Sister.
December 2003: Mom, Step-Dad, Older Little Sister move to Houston. 
May 2004: Graduate High School.
August 2004: College 10 hrs away. Fulfill plan to get far, far away from hometown.
September 2005: Receive phone call in airport at 5am after driving 4 hrs telling me my 58 year old Nana died of Breast Cancer. Change plans from going to say goodbye to going to bury someone far too young.
March 2006: Step-Dad gets new lungs. 
September 2006: Choose to get serious about recovering from haunting chapter of life.
November 2006: Meet handsome lad. Stand on rock and declare Queendom (engagement story to be told in a later post). Start dating handsome lad unofficially.
December 2006: Fall in love for the first time.
January 2007: Start dating handsome lad officially. Gain furry child #1. 
March 2007: Meet the family of Step-Dad’s organ donor. Life changed. 
April 2007: Become advocate of Organ Donation. 
May 2007: Rescue furry child #2 from shelter. 
October 2007: Apply to Medical School for the first time.
November 2007: Begin this blog. Post once. 
February 2008: Rejected from Medical School. Post in blog a second time.
March 2008: Get furry child #3. 
April 2008: Decide I will be a doctor. Take MCAT again. Question sanity. 
May 2008: Graduate college Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. 
Late May 2008: Realize a Psyc BS provides me with absolutely not profitable skills.
June 2008: Begin working for a doctor. Question sanity.
July 2008 – December 2008: Question decision to enter medical field.
December 2008: Begin wearing large rock on left hand. 
February 2009: Receive acceptance to medical school. Cry. Laugh. Freak out.
March 2009: Mom and Step-Dad divorce. 
July 2009: Marry handsome lad in beautiful chapel. 
July 2009: Begin medical school. 
August 2009: Start fielding the “WHEN ARE YOU HAVING KIDS?!” question.
March 2010: Get SCUBA certification with handsome lad.
May 2010: Post in blog again. 
October 2010: Post 6th blog at this address. 
July 2010: Eat cake that is one year old. Almost puke. 
November 2010: Bore all of blog-o-sphere with timeline of life. 
Not really what you were hoping for? Too bad, this timeline was for me as much as it was for you. So, if you don’t read it screw you! Get off my @$(*&@! blog I won’t be hurt and you can stop feeling bad about it. I just know you were feeling bad about it. 

Alright readers, I want to know what made you who you are. You don’t have to be as wordy as me, I get to do that because it’s my blog – See: It’s My Blog and I’ll Be Boring If I Want Tobut just introduce yourself! I really want to get to know my readers. Just say hello so I can print this out for my mother to hang on her fridge as proof that someone occasionally listens to things I say. 

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  • It's me and the mouse in my pocket. You pretty much know my story. Was a competitive gymnast then I wasn't. Graduated with a degree in biochem and PR. Had a double lung transplant. Work in a comp chem lab denaturing DNA and an autism lab studying purkinje cells. Heading to med school this fall I hope.. wish I knew which one. Want to blog but can't remember to start one. I have a dog that weighs more than I do.

    AND… I love your blog :)

  • You and the mouse in your pocket are my favorite readers. I didn't know you worked in an Autism lab. What exactly is your research about? I'm SO excited to find out which med school you go to!!!!!!!! You should have applied to MY med school. :)

    What kind of dog??

  • It's a 4 part study but our lab is focused on the relationship between purkinje cell loss and cognitive inflexibility. We are using mouse models to study this with repetitive behaviors. I am excited to find out too! I didn't apply anywhere in Texas sadly :(

    St. Bernard. His name is Cornelius Cobb. He's awesome.

  • Hi! I just found your blog and now I will be a regular reader :-) Warning: I am not great at being a regular commenter. But, I try!

    As far as my story: Got diagnosed with Marfan syndrome as a kid. Lost my best friend to it in 7th grade. Became an advocate. Got a degree in psych. Got married. Got my MPH. Had a kid. Having another kid. :)

  • Hi!I'm Sinley.I'm Japanese.I wanted to be a vet for one-third of my life,but I changed my life course(@17yrs and 3months)and then took an entrance exam of medical schl (@17yrs 10mths).Now I am a medical student.(18yrs and 8months)At first I wanted to be a scientist who reserch 3R of animal experiment, but now I don't know what I want to do.

    I'm interested in ideas and life of medical students in another countries,so I became a fan of your blog :)

    I haven't informed any real friends of my blog to write down whatever I want to say,and my blog is for sheer self-content.You can find my loong English opinion in older posts about: English education,identity,and whaling.

    Three things about my future:
    3.I WANT TO LIVE IN URBAN AREA- I don't care whether it's Japan or not as long as it is urban.

  • Wow, I really loved reading about your life story. You've been through a lot. Here's mine (abridged): born -> lots of school -> Teach For America -> met my soul mate -> moved to NYC -> med school!

    P.S. I was always wondering how well the cake kept at the 1 year anniversary, so funny!

  • I'm reading your blog… old blog posts because I find you intriguing. Driven people make me smile, and while I used to think law students are driven. Now, I've decided it's medical students who are. 😉 Ex-fiance'-#2 went to medical school. This was after I was already married to Fiance #4 so I have no real idea what it was like for him, but I'm impressed nonetheless. 😉 And I blog anonymously. Yeah, I suck. 😉

  • Hello there! New reader. Bumped into your blog through Twitter. (While this is the first post I landed on- looks like I'll be going through the rest of the blog soon)
    My life:
    Born in India-> Seeing doctor parents and the amount of dedication needed, decided I NEVER want to be a doctor-> lots of years of school-> while at school fell in love with Medicine!-> entered med school->learnt lots. made awesome friends-> felt I needed to go far far away from hometown;) ->decided to apply for residency in US-> traveling like a nomad the past couple of months.

    Hope to read more of your blog. Good luck!

  • Hi, I'm Marie I am not really sure how I found your blog but I'm a medical junkie aka an RN. I'm a horrible speller even with spell check and all! I know you are busy but if you have time check out my blog and I'll be following yours! Oh yeah love you fur kids! I have two grown non fur kids and a fur kid beagle!

  • Hi, I am a medical student from Greece and I just love your blog. I like the fact that you have many interests except for medicine an that makes you special. My story is not that interesting, I finished high school in a small greek town and moved out to a bigger one to study pharmacy. I then took some exams and got into medical school. I have a wonderful boyfriend with whom i plan to share a home, a beautiful family which lives far away:( and also a sweet (but mean) cat which drives me crazy!
    PS i really liked the isle furniture that you made!!

  • I just came across this section and actually read it for the first time…I feel like each and every one of the events on this time line are why I love you. :)

  • BAHAHAHAHA! This cracked me up! Whats your anniversary?! Got engaged Dec 24 2007 and married July 26 2008!

  • I just discovered your blog and so thought I would comment. I went to medical school a bit late in life (age 29) and am now just one year into residency. Outside of work…umm….yeah….is there life outside of work?

  • I’m probably one of your newest readers and I found your blog through other doctors/medical school students that I follow on twitter. I absolutely love your blog and read it daily! As a pre-medical student hoping to be where you are, I find your blog entertaining, inspiring, and thought provoking. I, too, question my sanity though. :) 

    We have many similarities: Gymnastics, cheerleading, a medical experience that probably reinforced the decision to enter into the medical field(my mother battles Leukemia, Chrons, COPD, Type 2 diabetes), BS in Psychology…and maybe even Texas A&M! I’m transferring this upcoming year and it’s between A&M and…………..University of Texas(don’t kill me!) 😉 

    I’m enjoying the journey and keeping my main goal in mind! Reading your blog keeps me focused on what’s ahead. Though it’s hard work, it will all be worth it. 

    Thank you for sharing your blog, Danielle. It’s been a strength to me in my current season! 

    By the way, I wanted to guess on what Medical School you are attending. After reading some of your twitter updates I see that you mention Lubbock. I don’t know if you are from there, but if you are, my guess is that you are in school at UTHSC, Baylor, UTHSC-SA, or UTSW. And if you are currently attending school in Lubbock, it has to be Texas Tech! I could totally be wrong… :)

    • Love when new readers stop by to say hello and am always so happy and flattered to hear that someone enjoys reading my writing. 

      I totally think you should choose A&M…not biased at all. 😉

      I am not from Lubbock, just here for medical school at Texas Tech! This is a really wonderful place to go to med school, I’ve loved (almost) every second of it. 

  • I think I’m stealing this idea…

  • Hey! I just found your blog through other med student blogs. I’m an m1 on medical leave for a year and I started blogging to keep my sanity (I went from high strung in med school to very bored on medical leave). I’m really enjoying reading your blog, thanks for sharing!

  • I was actually researching the addictive nature of devices for a lecture, and found your amusing therapy session. It reminded me of the book “Running with Scissors” and the truly crazy life of the protagonist Augusten Burroughs. Read the book but have not seen the movie, but your storyline seems nearly as chaotic.

  • Okay, I love you’re blog and read (stalk) it constantly. If I commented on everything I read, I might look a tad bit insane so I usually don’t. And by usually, I mean I NEVER comment. But I had to on this one. Because it made me cry. No idea what happened. Just reading along about the life I already know everything about, and suddenly there they are. Tears. Freaking tears. I think it was the bit about failing drivers ed.. guess we should have gone to class on time more often, huh? Anyway. This is the dumbest comment ever. But it’d be dumb for me to tell you all about my life.. Ok, enough with this comment.

  • hi there! came here from a comment you posted, i was checking to make sure you weren’t a spambot — how’d you find me? =)

    i’m a second year med student in a DO/MPH program, married to an over-educated redhead. i’m still ambivalent about california but am loving med school (at least, when i’m not hating it), especially the osteopathic end of things.

    • Hi Katie – Not a spam bot, real person. :)

      I’m not entirely sure how I found your blog, but at some point I added you to my reader queue. Do you have a Twitter? It may have been via Twitter, that’s how I end up on most of them.

      Nice to “meet you.” Thanks for stopping by!

      • not on twitter, so i suppose it will remain a mystery. but this is exciting — you may be my first reader i don’t know in real life or through real-life friends! =)

  • Just wanted to let you know that I’m a new reader of your blog/twitter follower. I enjoy reading both. I randomly found you while trying to do a search on Twitterfor something relating to health :)

  • Hi Danielle!

    I don’t quite remember how I landed on your blog but I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing your story/the 24 years of your life. haha… you are quite hilarious.
    I am a third year undergrad student from canada (yay for canadian readers!) and am considering med. What made you decide to become a doctor? I sometimes question why I want to be one as well. I want to help people but i mean… how cliche does that answer sound?
    Were you able to job shadow physicians in your undergrad?

    • Hi Alvina,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. :) Here’s a link that may answer your first question (re: What made you decide to become a doctor?) – I know that feeling of your answer being “cliche” and it took me a long time to really come up with a solid answer for that question. Sometimes it’s not as easy as having a clear cut reason and that’s okay, you can be drawn to this field purely because it’s exciting and intriguing and challenging. Dig deep, the answers there.

      I did some shadowing in undergrad – some with a Family Doctor, some with an Ob/Gyn and a bit of others here and there. My main clinical experience before med school came from the year I had off between undergrad and med school (because I was rejected the first time) – I worked for an allergist doing allergy testing and patient histories and stuff.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to email me if you ever have any more questions.

  • Love your blog! I’m an M2 and recently started looking for other med student blogs, so happy I came across this. Laughed my way through the stories I can relate to… laughed my way through the stories i know are coming (even though i thought @h $h!# the entire time..). Definitely bookmarking this for future “legit procrastination”.. you know how that goes!

  • Just found your blog today and I have to say it is brilliant. I loved reading the timeline of your life because we have so much in common. I was a gymnast my whole life, I have a mom who battled breast cancer for 2 years while I was premed, questioned my decision to go to med school, and now I work for a plastic surgeon and I love every second of it! Hopefully, I will be going to medical school in the fall if I can get a better score on my MCAT (they placed me on MCAT hold). Any tips for conquering that monstrous exam? Took it twice and didnt do much better the second time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    So happy to have found your blog! You have gained a new fan for sure :)

  • I love your blog! I am currently a Nursing student but I have always to go to Med school, but I am a bit afraid of not getting in, I think I am capable but it just seems like an impossible thing to get in. Is there any way you could share how you got into med school? I really wish I can get some tips from you!


  • I love your blog! I found it today after stumbling onto a medical student’s blog that was oober boring and more like him posting the occasional link to a science article…. and then deciding I wanted to read a medical student’s blog that was actually about life. I am a first year medical student currently just praying for the end of the semester. I am 24 years old, I live with my boyfriend of 6 years, and we have 2 furry children of our own. That’s the story of my life right about now. I feel blessed everyday to have the chance to become a doctor and for the amazing friends I have met along the way. Thanks for deciding to write a blog :)

  • I admire you. How did you meet your handsome lad? You mentioned you wrote about it in another post. I tried to find it haha.. :)

  • hi, im Daisy. i stumbled on your blog as i was going through the knitty-gritties of getting into medicl school. med school seems a bit long and tedious for me and i ws just looking for an affirmation that i really want this. im now applying to undergraduate level( pre-med) and i was wondering what countries have the shortest med school programs, that is both undergraduate and post graduate combined and which countries are the best fro med students to live in. thank so much and keep on blogging.
    ps; you can check out my blog i started two weeks ago as well,

  • Wow you had an intesting 24 years and the 3 or so people that read your blog (hahaha), loved knowing more about you, however how do you decide how much you will tell about yourself and how much will you hide? I should start adding posts to my blog

  • he there! nice to read your blog. :)

  • It’s my first day of Internal Medicine Rotation and I just spent 30 minutes reading your introduction? Why!? I don’t know. Perhaps because I can’t wait for the next funny comment, your writing has a way of keeping me reading, or because you interviewed me when I applied for Medical School. I don’t know. What I do know is I want to start another blog (first was about getting into medical school) and write about my experiences about 3rd and 4th year, and wanted to get more ideas from you. That’s who I am.

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