About This Blog

This blog was started when my medical training journey started – way back in 2009 when blogs were kinda geeky and social media was fringe. I maintained it with almost weekly articles throughout medical school and up until the birth of my twins in 2012 and med school graduation in 2013.

In July 2013 I started ObGyn residency with 6mo old twins and, as a result of mom-life and the intensity of medical training, blogging fell by the wayside. There are a few updates through my residency journey, but they’re minimal.

In 2017 I graduated from residency and entered the wonderful world of practicing ObGyn. I discovered the medical and mommy Instagram community in August 2018 and it allowed me to re-discover my love of writing, educating, and sharing my journey as a woman and mother in medicine…mostly in hopes of inspiring others.

So, here we are – Mind On Med – a well-rooted blog with a decade of my life in humor, real-talk, and nonsense. I’m so happy you’re here. Feel free to take a look around and learn about our journey.

The “Old” (Pre-Residency) About This Blog:

Although I very much enjoy blogging on medical subjects, I never started this blog with the intention of becoming the voice of medical students or residents – I just started it to write and to connect. Technically Mind On Medicine began in 2007, but from 2007 until late 2010 it consisted of less than 5 posts. Since late 2010 it has blossomed into a confused blog of sorts – caught somewhere between personal and educational, silly and serious – it’s just a little guy in a big world trying to figure out who it’s mother is.

This is a conglomeration, if you will, of medical education, parenting, stories of exploding Jones’ soda bottles, bad attempts at humor and random projects I’ve devised…with the occasional truly important post thrown in for redeeming measure.

On any given day you might find a silly story about my kids, a random pet peeve, a serious entry or some health information I’ve found to be important. I talked a lot about my journeys in medical school and now I occasionally comment on life in the Ob/Gyn world. Sometimes I write about marriage or parenting, sometimes about merging those things with medicine. My delinquent dogs, our home improvement and DIY endeavors, and random pet peeves have even made an appearance. One thing I can promise you is that this blog is constantly changing and evolving.

If you’re looking for a blog that talks about the random of mix of things you might discuss with a doctor mom with four littles over a hot cup of coffee on a random Saturday morning, then Mind On Medicine may be right up your alley.