365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 19

November 2 – November 8

Day 127: Queen Mae and her cheetah toy minion.
Day 128: Art Heals Expo at the First Friday Art Trail. Always a blast.
Day 129: Coffee Date. 🙂 I missed him while I was on nights this week! I was gone before he got home in the morning and he got home after I left in the evenings. No fun!
Day 130: Hoarders - Medical Student Edition. Why (and HOW?!) could this much nonsense have ended up in my white coat pockets in just over a week?!
Day 131: Severed leg AND missing eye? Someone put poor mister cheetah outta his misery...
Day 132: Someone's starting to feel much better. 🙂 Barely limping and ready to run a marathon at barely 5 wks post major knee operation.


Day 133: Probably the only book I bought first year and still refer back to occasionally.