365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 6

August 3 – August 9
Scary Office
Day 36: I bet you might be really terrified of what goes on in that chair if you'd never been in an optometrist's office before.
Aggie ID Holder
Day 37: New ID holder. Much better than the last one I had.
Ruby Tequila's Mexican Food
Day 38: Date Night at Ruby Tequilas.
Coffee Before Call Day
Day 39: Coffee before call day.
Fried Cheese of Doom
Day 40: Met some friends at Spanky's for lunch...good thing we don't eat there often, I'm not thinking these things are very healthy.
Nerdy Computer Programmer
Day 41: And he calls MY studying nerdy. I'm pretty sure our future children will be doomed to geekdom.
Heather, Lexie, Logan, Jaden
Day 42: Look who came to visit - my best friend, her twin 4-year olds (Lexie & Logan) and her 4 month old (Jaden). Love them!