Birthday Presents

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 7

August 10 – August 16

Birthday Presents
Day 43: Birthday package...couldn't make myself wait until my birthday to open it...probably because I'm turning 6. Thanks for the presents!
Day 44: The DNA helix in the clinic window looks very pretty (and geeky) at face, on the other hand, looks very grumpy at 6:30am.
Day 45: Twenty Fifth Birthday.
Coffee At Starbucks
Day 46: Some studying, some New Zealand planning and some coffee.
Toothbrush Torticollis
Day 47: Toothbrush Torticollis...makes oral hygiene slightly more challenging.
I Dare You...
Day 48: Apparently this rabbit has become his prized possession, he's started protecting it like it's his job. If I even pretend I'm going to touch it he turns into a spastic, growling maniac-of-a-fluffball.

Casa de Jones
Day 49: 3D Diorama of our house from construction paper.