Day 29: Good Morning Sunshine

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 5

July 27 – August 2

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Day 29: Good Morning Sunshine
Day 29: Good morning sunshine!
Texas A&M Trip
Day 30: Can't believe I'm packing this suitcase to take my little sister...who was my "Show & Tell" in 2nd visit A&M's campus. Is she really old enough to be choosing a college?!
Intubation in Sim Center
Day 31: Mom teaching Madison how to intubate in the simulation center. I think we all broke our patient's front teeth...oops.
Alma Mater - Texas A&M in College Station, TX
Day 32: Sweet Home College Station.
Dust Devil
Day 33: Big dust devil we spotted on the way home. See how flat and tree-less it is here?!
Packing My Lunch
Day 34: I always feel like a little kid when I pack my lunch...but it's so much better than paying for hospital cafeteria food.

Yummy Gummy
Day 35: Best candy ever. I probably keep the hospital book store in business purchasing these.