Where’s My Hand Sanitizer?

Today is your lucky day – I have some extremly useful, likely life-saving, information to share with you. Everyone isn’t crazy enough to go to medical school, so it’s a good thing there are bloggers like me to save you from the deadly microbes of the Earth that only the board-reviewing med students know about.

Things You’re Doing That Could Kill/Seriously Injure You:

Petting Prairie Dogs
Yersinia pestis, AKA – Causative Agent of the Black Death

 Grocery Shopping
Those nifty mister things in the produce aisle? Deadly.
If you must grocery shop, wear a Legionella-protective mask.

Sporothrix-induced ascending lymphangitis waiting to happen. 

Owning Cats
Toxoplasma gondii laden poo.

Feeding Pigeons
Other than being generally disgusting, they carry Cryptococcus neoformans,
which can give you a nasty meningitis if your immune system’s not in tip-top shape.

Sooooo, med student/doctor/microbiologist/nerd friends, what’s your favorite microbe? I know there are a TON of slightly amusing germy-things I didn’t choose to illustrate here, tell me the ones that have stuck with you!

Images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: p_a_h, Andrew in Durham, erix!, eviltomthai, eggybird