The Important Things In Life

Between here and East Texas there are approximately 440 miles of asphalt equaling out to just under 7 hours of 70mph driving*. As a medical student and obsessive worrier it has never been easy for me to make the decision to leave town and now that the monster that is Step 1 has is hanging over my head it has become even more difficult. However, every year we look forward to an Easter road trip to visit my husband’s side of the family and this year was no different. I considered passing up on the opportunity because I had have so much studying to get done, but I weighed my options, threw caution to the wind and made the decision to join my husband and get out of town for a while.

So, Friday morning we packed up the car with snacks, study materials, and animals and headed out to the hill country.

Although I spent a lot of the weekend holed up in Starbucks, squinting at a computer and threatening to use my hot coffee as a weapon against whoever made USMLE World’s Q-Bank so dang hard, it really was a wonderful trip. 

We had breathtakingly gorgeous weather & sweet kids who took advantage of it…

Jaxon, our 4-year old nephew.

Jaelyn, our (almost) 4-year old niece.

There were crazy puppies to play with silly, dancing boys.

We had a fun night out with good drinks and great people…

 took a time-out for some family pictures…

and, most importantly, simply enjoyed getting to spend some time with our family.

*Welcome to Texas, where you can literally drive 15 hours North to South (Perryton to South Point) OR East to West (El Paso to Newton) without ever leaving the state.