Prayers For New Zealand

The pictures coming out of New Zealand following Tuesday’s earthquake are equal parts terrifying and heart breaking.

Photo Courtesy of Washington Post.
For more pictures and a great article, click the link.

My thoughts, and more importantly my prayers, are with all those who have been affected by the earthquake in New Zealand. I would greatly appreciate if my NZ readers, especially those who commented on my recent post about the beautiful pacific island, would let me know they are okay whenever they have internet access/see this. mealzrox88, you’re blinking? You guys ok?

My mom’s husband has cousins that live in Christchurch as missionaries. We heard from them yesterday – they are okay, but their house is destroyed. They are currently camping at the location of their crumbled home to prevent looters from taking whatever they have left. Incredibly sad to have to be in that situation. Keep them in your prayers, please.

Wonderful cleft palate repair example.
Photo Courtesy of The Wu’s Photoland on Flickr

Every time there is a disaster like this I think about my future as a physician. I want nothing more than to be able to travel places and help with post-disaster healthcare and aid. I can’t wait to be able to use my career and training as a tool to give back. I know that healthcare gives back in other ways, but it has long been my dream to work in some sort of medical missions and disaster relief at some point in my future. Operation Smile, an organization that travels to countries with little health care to do cleft palate repairs, used to be at the very top of my list, but considering surgery is at the very bottom of my specialty list I may have to find a different organization.

And now I will selfishly change the subject out of pure excitement. My insanelygoodwithmoneymanagement husband figured out a savings plan for us and, since my car will be paid off as soon as we get our tax refund in, he has determined that we will likely be able to save enough money to travel to New Zealand at the end of the year. Since I can’t help much with healthcare at the current time, I guess I can help stimulate the economy a bit. And on that note, I need you to let me know you are ok, blogger friends, because I fully intend on conning you into showing me around if we’re anywhere near you when we visit. 🙂