It’s Raining Mud

We’ve had a lot of interesting new experiences since moving from the Houston area to West Texas in 2009. Other than our first year married, new jobs and medical school, we’ve also witnessed a few things unique to this area.

Some truly beautiful:

Some just plain awesome:

Others slightly less enjoyable:

When we found out we were moving to the great Llano Estacado more experienced westerners started warning us of the famed “Mud Rain” we were sure to encounter upon arrival. After our first year went by and we still had no idea what they were talking about we came to the conclusion those cowboys had drank too much moonshine. With another semester under our proverbial belts and still no showing of the mysterious natural disaster I had pretty much decided everyone in these parts had fallen off their rockers. Then, on a fateful day in early 2011, it happened. 

The wind started a-blowing The wind was blowing 200 mph like it always does.

A cloud of furious dust stirred up from the bowels of the great plains.
A brown watery substance started falling from what used to be a sky.

And suddenly….my new red car experienced something right out of The Transformers. One minute it was happily chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, bragging on it’s brake pads outside of school….

and the next it was hanging it’s radiator in engine-cooling shame….

Yes folks, we experienced our first mud rain shower and I am happy to inform you that we have all survived. I grew up three hours north of here, but I have never seen anything like this. It was so bizarre. It seriously rained mud onto my poor car (who would usually be parked in the garage, but was displaced because of it’s selfish owner’s secret furniture project).

And, unfortunately for old red up there, that Mazda belongs to a medical student who would rather blog than take the time to wash her car and would rather eat than use the limited bank funds to pay for a car wash….so he might be looking like a survivor of the 1930’s dust bowl for sometime.