Change Of Plans

Well, my plan today was to write something hilarious so it could go viral and a bazillion people would be following my boring blog by the time I pulled my lazy self out of bed in the morning. Alas, here I am to write about a heavy subject that nobody wants to talk about – suicide.

Seven years ago I went to prom, as friends, with a guy that was a year older than me. He was hilarious and we had a great time. In fact, out of the three proms I went to in High School that year was the best one. It wasn’t only because of him, I also had a lot of good friends that were in his grade and it was nice to have one last shin dig with them before they left me in that dreaded hole-of-a-town and went off to college. But, another thing that made that year great was the fact that he and I truly were only friends. We had so much fun, he was hilarious and there was no pressure to do everything right or live up to any ridiculous prom night expectations people have when they are 18. He was a happy-go-lucky guy with a big heart and sweet spirit.

Fast forward to 2010. This guy has had a lot of things happen in his life that nobody deserves. Tough things. Things so sad and difficult to deal with I don’t want to talk think about them. I haven’t seen him in real life since high school, but we’re Facebook friends. I sent him a message to see how he was doing in August and never got a response. His status updates made it seem he was doing as well as could be expected, though.

Last night he shot himself.

I don’t actually know where this is going, but I do want to say that you should reach out to your friends if you think they could be hurting. Just because their Facebook updates seem happy, doesn’t mean they are fine.

I also want to say that if you think nobody will miss you, you’re wrong. Even people you have not seen in many years will cry tears for you. Their heart will break for your family and the fact that you felt like nobody would mind if you were no longer on this Earth. Someone will care.

Click Icon Above for Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Website.