Hoarders: Med Student Edition

I’ve expressed my disdain regarding wearing my white lab coat many times around here – it’s hot, it’s uncomfortable, it’s germy – but something I’ve never allowed myself to admit is that sometimes it can be kind of useful (SOMETIMES. like when it’s not being annoying…or stiff…or disgusting). The pockets are just under 14 light years deep, so if you need to carry a galaxy or two with you into a patient room or 14 Red Bulls and a pint of icecream back from the cafeteria, you’re in luck.

It’s been just over a week since I last scavenged through this thing, here’s what I found in today’s weekly purging before the ceremonial washing of the MRSA mall:

  • 14 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • 1 Large Bandaid
  • 1 Maxwell Quick Reference book
  • 1 TTUHSC Ob/Gyn Clerkship Pocket Guide
  • 2 Prescription Examples
  • 2 Pens (unusually low tally)
  • 1 Highlighter
  • 1 Pyxis Scrub Machine Card
  • $21 in cash
  • $1.27 in change
  • 1 Pocket Vision Screener (obviously a necessity on L&D?)
  • 1 Ob/Gyn Clerkship Checklist
  • 4 Pieces of Blank Paper with Book Notes
  • 7 Active Patient Lists (not pictured for patient privacy)
  • 7 Page Journal Article on Intrapartum Amnioinfusion for Meconium-Stained Amniotic Fluid
  • 1 Discharge Medication List
  • 1 Patient Log List
  • 1 Daily OR Schedule


HOW?! WHY?! Please tell me I’m not the only one…please?

I suppose I should look at the good news, at least there wasn’t a speculum or wet prep hiding in there…I mean I am on Ob/Gyn right now.


Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 13

September 21 – September 27

Day 85: Lonely Stethoscope
Day 85: Lonely little stethoscope hasn't seen the inside of my external auditory canal since I started Psychiatry.

Day 86: Drunk Sage
Day 86: Sage On Sedatives"Mom, is this real life??" We have a torn ACL. 🙁
Day 87: Phase 10 Dice
Day 87: Tacos, Sangria, Banana Pudding, Phase 10 & Sweet Friends.
Day 89: Lazy Wrigley
Day 88: Why do we bother buying them dog beds? Wrigley would rather sleep on pillows or clothes and Sage pulls all the stuffing out of them.
Day 89: Evil Flu Shot
Day 89: My arm is rotting off from inside my Deltoid out. Flu shots do that, right? No...well...it's totally happening. Or it's sore. Either way.
Day 90: Taco Tuesday
Day 90: Taco Tuesday

Day 91: Bed Intruder
Day 91: I definitely made the bed this morning before leaving, but this is how I found it this afternoon. I believe we've had a bed intruder...likely of the canine variety.

Silly Faces

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 12

September 14 – September 20

Hippocrates Money
Day 78: Class meeting today - they gave us each $5,000 in fake money and had us bid on "values." They wouldn't let me just put mine in a high interest savings account instead of spending it...what the heck ever happened to saving?
New Rug
Day 79: Finally found a rug for the living room!
Silly Faces
Day 80: "I said make a silly face!" ... "Ummm, I did. I flared my nostrils."
eLife Downtown
Day 81: "Don't worry about tomorrow." Matthew 6:34
Fruity Pebble
Day 82: Classmate made Fruity Pebble treats for us. Um, awesome! They were really good. Especially when I didn't get a lunch break, but still had "food."
P.S. No lunch? What's up with that, Psychiatry?!
Day 83: Hard to see here, but there was a tiny rainbow on the way to clinic.
West Elm Duvet
Day 84: New duvet cover! West Elm Blocked Tulip pattern.

Family Walk

365 Days in (Mobile) Photos – Week 11

September 7 – September 13

Diet Vanilla Coke
Day 71: Made time for a coke run today. Forgot how much I love Sonic drinks.
Day 72: Had 2 of these in my bag from a bakesale at the hospital today. Wrigley dug them out, ripped through the wrapping and went to town. He had them both eaten before I even had a clue. Sound familiar? A few Google searches, call to emergency vet clinic and several hours later he was still acting like Wrigley, so I guess he's ok.
Church At eLife
Day 73: Happy 4th Birthday, eLife. We have loved spending the past 2 years celebrating God's work with y'all! Thanks for the love, support and acceptance!
Keva Juice
Day 74: Discovered this place with a Groupon a while back. Ever wonder how stores makes money by using Groupon? We are the prime example. We did make a copy-cat recipe of one of their Red Bull Smoothies that has saved us some money, but sometimes you just want the real thing!
Closet Cleaning
Day 75: Cleaned a trash bag full of donate-worthy clothes out of here today and still have way too many clothes. True Life: I'm a Clothing Hoarder.
Green House & Garden
Day 76: Went to an estate sale today. Everything was wayyy overpriced, but the house was gorgeous (and ginormous) and had a garden & greenhouse out back.
Family Walk
Day 77: Walking the dogs...our family has 16 legs. But one of Sage's is gimp for some reason. I see a vet visit in our future.
Sunset over El Paseo

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 10

September 1 – September 6

Justin's Drawing
Day 64: Justin drew this of us in lecture at the Betty Ford Center. I'm third from left.
Donnie's Drawing
Sunset over El Paseo
Day 66: Sunset over El Paseo Dr. in Desert Springs, CA. Great end to a great week.
Texas By Plane
Day 67: Ah, that looks a little more familiar...almost back in West Texas.
Gig 'Em Aggies
Day 68: First A&M game of the year - Gig 'Em Aggies!
This was a great day for more reasons than I can count.
Pretty Sage :)
Day 69: Pretty Sage enjoying the fabulous Labor Day weather. Wonderful weather for dinner on the patio with Donnie and the crazy canines.

Lifehouse Social
Day 70: Lifehouse Social.

August 28

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 9

August 24 – August 30

August 24
Day 57: Cute little owl book bag my mom got me for my birthday. The owls make me think of my grandpa.
August 25
Day 58: Leafy Latte.
August 26
Day 59: Three hour shelf exam this morning, finally mailed Aleece's birthday card this afternoon and movie date to see "The Help."
August 27
Day 60: Dinner & Margaritas with my Cousin and her friends.
August 28
Day 61: I don't think we're in West Texas anymore.
August 29
Day 62: FaceTime with Donnie and a very confused Wrigley.

August 30
Day 63: Long, exhausting day, but definitely enjoying the experience.

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 8

August 17-August 23

Day 50: Seriously considered crawling in this abandoned bed for a 6:30am nap.

Day 51: Never noticed the area left of the main library entrance was completely void of grass until I saw it from up here. I've walked passed that on the ground probably a million times and never noticed the dirt "landscaping" over there.
Day 52: (Im)Patiently waiting on a table at Abuelos.
Happy Sweet 16, Sister!
Day 53: Dinner & cookie cake for my sweet sister's 16th birthday.
Day 54: Starbucks had the thermostat set on Alaska° so we did some of our studying outside today.
Day 55: This is what I found when I opened the microwave to warm up leftovers...I think my husband is losing it.

My Vegan Dog
Day 56: First we discovered his obsession with bananas, today he proclaims his love of broccoli. I think our dog is going Vegan.

Birthday Presents

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 7

August 10 – August 16

Birthday Presents
Day 43: Birthday package...couldn't make myself wait until my birthday to open it...probably because I'm turning 6. Thanks for the presents!
Day 44: The DNA helix in the clinic window looks very pretty (and geeky) at 6:30am...my face, on the other hand, looks very grumpy at 6:30am.
Day 45: Twenty Fifth Birthday.
Coffee At Starbucks
Day 46: Some studying, some New Zealand planning and some coffee.
Toothbrush Torticollis
Day 47: Toothbrush Torticollis...makes oral hygiene slightly more challenging.
I Dare You...
Day 48: Apparently this rabbit has become his prized possession, he's started protecting it like it's his job. If I even pretend I'm going to touch it he turns into a spastic, growling maniac-of-a-fluffball.

Casa de Jones
Day 49: 3D Diorama of our house from construction paper.

Day 29: Good Morning Sunshine

365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 5

July 27 – August 2

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Day 29: Good Morning Sunshine
Day 29: Good morning sunshine!
Texas A&M Trip
Day 30: Can't believe I'm packing this suitcase to take my little sister...who was my "Show & Tell" in 2nd grade...to visit A&M's campus. Is she really old enough to be choosing a college?!
Intubation in Sim Center
Day 31: Mom teaching Madison how to intubate in the simulation center. I think we all broke our patient's front teeth...oops.
Alma Mater - Texas A&M in College Station, TX
Day 32: Sweet Home College Station.
Dust Devil
Day 33: Big dust devil we spotted on the way home. See how flat and tree-less it is here?!
Packing My Lunch
Day 34: I always feel like a little kid when I pack my lunch...but it's so much better than paying for hospital cafeteria food.

Yummy Gummy
Day 35: Best candy ever. I probably keep the hospital book store in business purchasing these.

A Medical Student’s Role

Medical Student Role
Photo Courtesy of Ambro

As a medical student on the inpatient Internal Medicine floor my job is not just to learn about history-taking and practice my physical exam skills, it’s to be a part of the team caring for real, live patients. I actually have the chance to make a difference. Since I’m a noob I am usually only assigned to a couple of patients at a time. This small patient load plus my low magnitude of responsibility means I have the time to sit down with people and tell them, in layman terms, what their diagnosis and plan is.

I’ve had two patients in as many weeks specifically ask me if I could be their doctor. While I know that the patient’s health would be severely at risk if I were their primary caregiver, it is eye-opening when a patient grabs your arm and thanks you for explaining their diagnosis in terms they could understand.  What this tells me is that patient’s value our time as much as they value our knowledge.

As I continue in my career and get more accustomed to the lingo and ways of medicine I hope that I can hold on to the ability someone new to medicine has to educate in understandable terms. I want always remember how much patients value our time and dedicate myself to efficiency in other areas so I can still devote an acceptable amount of time to patient questions and concerns.

What has become most apparent to me in the past two weeks is that patients are confused. They don’t understand their conditions, which is terrifying to them. I’ve seen that if I can give them my undivided attention for even 5 minutes and hear their concerns and questions I can play a huge role in putting their mind at ease. So, while I know I will not have this much freedom in terms of time as my future responsibilities continue to expand, I hope that I can focus my care on ensuring my patients are informed and involved.

The role of a medical student on the healthcare team is undeniable. While I know it may be scary to have someone as young and new as me offering you healthcare, as a patient you should take advantage of the person in the short white coat…they have time to give you and are in a unique position to directly relay information to your doctor. I enjoy talking to you, I enjoy answering your questions and I have a true desire to improve your quality of care.

I truly adore sitting down with patients and ensuring they understand what’s going on. It overjoys me to hear a patient tell my attending “that girl right there…she explained this to me and I feel like I can go home and deal with it now.”  Statements like this don’t make me happy because the attending may take a mental note for my clerkship evaluation, but because, for the first time since I started my journey into medicine, I finally feel like I’ve actually made a difference in someone’s life.