Over the course of my 3rd year I’ve been compiling information on what life is like in each clerkship, what resources and books I used for the shelf exam and what my likes/dislikes were overall. Check back here for updates as I finish my rotations and feel free to let me know if you have questions or would like me to address any additional information.

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  • Asalam. i learned about your institution from a friend and i am interested in taken up intern ship program in your institution. At present am a final year student from University of Perpetual Help System and I’ll be done with my final examinations by April and am confidence of the results. I wish to conduct my intern ship program in your institution and continue after words. Kindly inform me on the application procedures and requirement. May I quickly state that I am a degree holder of B.Tech Analytical Chemistry before proceeding to study medicine. Thanks

  • I complete my 4 years study from zhengzhou universty, now I want to apply for internship to your school so what will be the procedure

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