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Medical School in Canada

Med Ed Monday - Canada

I was recently contacted by Jessica, a 21-year old 2nd year medical student at the University of Alberta in Canada, offering to teach us about Medical Education in Canada! She complete 3 years of undergrad in Vancouver, BC – her focus of study was Microbiology. Jessica runs the blog Atalanta’s Antics and also tells me she’s a film nut, choir director, hockey pseudo-player, actor, pianist and BBC fan. This chick is the dictionary definition of […]


Post-Halloween Comedic Relief

Last week Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to his viewers: Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy and record their reactions. The results were nothing short of hilarious. Pay particular attention to the two boys at the end. Tweet This Post


Life, Anatomy & The Way We Were


I wish there was a way for me to tell this PostSecret author just how much her grandmother’s donation will be respected…a way to express to her just how much people like her grandmother have taught me…have taught all of us. Rest assured that we recognize the sacredness of the anatomy lab…it’s palpable in those rooms. I recall long talks about the people willing to let us learn from them, thoughts of what their life […]


Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day


Today is an important day to a group of people I’ve expressed a deep gratitude to in the past. Sometimes it’s so easy to live life without remembering what the people around us go through and this is our opportunity to to be reminded of the struggles people have that we may not necessarily share. October 15 is a day to remember families who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, still birth […]


Compulsive Phone Checking?

High Five Wrigley

It’s 9:30am on a gorgeous, albeit scorching hot, morning in Rancho Mirage, California and I’m leaving a group lecture on the family dynamics of addiction at a world-renowned addiction treatment facility. As if it’s been magnetically cued I find my right hand patting the rear pocket of my jeans in search of an iPhone. It’s not there. After looking around to make sure no one watched me patting my own rear I am awe struck […]


Shift Change

Poll Results

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me choose a name for the MomMD blog! My first post will be up on their site around 8am Monday, I hope you’ll stop by and give me some feedback on it! Here are the final results from the poll, which I ended on August 16 at 6:30pm:   I loved both Shift Change and Practical Patience and those two were basically tied the entire time. Shift […]


We Have A New Home!


Mind on Medicine has FINALLY moved over to it’s new WordPress home. If you’re reading this in a reader you probably didn’t even notice. If you will, I’d love for you to click on out of your reader and come see the new crib and let me what you think! I still have some furniture rearranging, unpacking and bug-exterminating to do, but I think I have the majority of the large issues covered. If […]


I Need Your Input

I’ve been considering moving to a new URL hosted by WordPress for a while now. My infinitely intelligent husband suggested I blog from there to begin with, but I insisted that Blogger was the way to go. As per usual, he was right and I’m now wishing I had listened to him. I have nothing personal against Blogger – I think it’s a great platform and I appreciate that it’s generally user friendly. I really […]


Just One More – Eating Disorders in the US

Thanks to all the people who answered yesterday (apparently only in their brains, not on the comment section – it’s okay you wussies, I just know you would have been wrong anyway, so there). The answer to yesterday’s question is E) Secondary Amenorrhea – cessation of a woman’s menstrual period as a result of an underlying disease or condition. The causes can range from pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause to eating disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and hypothyroidism. Based on […]


Trivia Tuesday

Relatively easy question as a segue into an important blog post for tomorrow: An 18-year-old girl visits her college student health office for a required physical. She complains of irritableness and concerns about decision-making now that she has left home. On exam she appears exceedingly thin, with decreased muscle mass and dry skin. She is hypotensive, with resting bradycardia. What other finding is most likely to be present? A. Calluses on her hands/fingersB. Dental erosionsC. HirsutismD. […]

About The Author

I'm an ObGyn. I started this blog as a medical student (some would call that doctor school) and now I'm working as an Ob/Gyn, which is seriously the coolest job ever. I'm a twin mom and recently added a baby brudder to the mix. My life story through November 2010 can be viewed here. The events in the many years following can be summed up as wedding bells, books, exams, babies, and doctoring. I started this blog in hopes of landing a role in a Lifetime movie so I could quit medicine and move to Hollywood, but that hasn't if you wouldn't take medical advice from Angelina Jolie, you shouldn't take it from me. I may not even be a real person. In fact, I'm probably a spambot. Or possibly a 15 yo boy blogging from a dingy basement. If you're really interested you can read more about me here. If you have any questions or want to guest post contact me.

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