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Medical School in The Caribbean

Over the course of this series it has become very apparent that medicine is a competitive occupation no matter what country you live in. This holds true to higher degree in some countries more than others. Brenda, a Canadian in the midst of getting her MD from a Caribbean medical school, was nice enough to do a write up for me on what it’s like to get your medical degree from a school in the […]


Medical School in Greece

Today’s Medical Education Monday guest blogger is Zoe, but since we’re all friends around here and her friends call her Jo (@Jo_Med on Twitter), that’s what we’ll stick with as well. Jo is a 21 year old, 4th year medical student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece! She tells me she hasn’t yet decided on a specialty area, but is interested in Neurology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Immunology and Medical Ethics. When she’s not […]


Medical School in Saudi Arabia

Today’s Medical Education Monday post is written by Faten (@splendidfull on Twitter), a 23-year old final year medical student in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She loves painting and reading in her free-time, is interested in Pediatrics (me too!) and Ophthalmology (definitely NOT me too!) as areas to focus on for her future specialty, and keeps a neat little tumblr blog of all the interesting things she finds online. It still amazes me how well all of the students & doctors who have […]


Medical School in Australia

Today’s Medical Education Monday spotlight will be on a country I would absolutely love to visit someday – Australia! @sunlightandsnow is an extremely busy junior doctor in Australia who was nice enough to take some time out of her crazy schedule to help me out with this series. When she has some free-time she enjoys reading about politics and playing computer games. She just completed her medical degree at the end of last year, so […]


Medical School in Egypt

With all the recent news coverage about Egypt and their revolution it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are people just like you over there still managing to live their day-to-day life, which is exactly why I was so excited to find @RaghdaElkattan on Twitter. Raghda is a 21 year old medical student from Maadi, Cairo and she is in her 5th year of medical study. As I’ve said in the past I am incredibly impressed […]


Medical School in Spain

Today’s Medical Education Monday will be highlighting Spain’s medical education system and our guest blogger is Ines, a 19-year-old medical student from Madrid! I’d tell you how awesome her personal blog is, but I can’t read a single word that she’s written. Unlike the incredibly talented multilingual med students & doctors helping me with this series, I am completely lost if we aren’t all speaking Texan English, y’all. However, judging by her fabulously-written explanation of […]


Medical School in the United Kingdom

If you follow me on Twitter you are likely acutely aware of the outlandish amount of time I spend giving minute-by-minute updates on the painfully interesting things happening in my life (case in point), but what you may not realize is that Twitter is really quite useful for things other than boring the masses and keeping track of #trendingtopics. The microblogging site is also a great place to make connections with all different types of […]


Medical School in Belgium

When I deployed my initial desperate plea for non-US medical students or doctors who were willing to help me out with this series @bramzo, a 2nd year medical student in Belgium, was the first to agree. He was excited about the series and wrote exquisitely about his interest in Neurosurgery, his experiences in the Belgian medical education system and what he has ahead of him in the next few years. When I read his interview and […]


Medical School in the United States

As I explained yesterday, every Monday until I run out of volunteers I’m going to be featuring a description of medical education around the world. Today’s country is the United States. Please let me know if I left out anything you are curious about and come back next week to learn about Belgium’s system! Getting In: How old is one when they begin medical school?It varies depending on if you start right after college (22-ish), […]

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