365 Days of (Mobile) Photos – Week 10

September 1 – September 6

Justin's Drawing

Day 64: Justin drew this of us in lecture at the Betty Ford Center. I'm third from left.

Donnie's Drawing
Sunset over El Paseo

Day 66: Sunset over El Paseo Dr. in Desert Springs, CA. Great end to a great week.

Texas By Plane

Day 67: Ah, that looks a little more familiar...almost back in West Texas.

Gig 'Em Aggies

Day 68: First A&M game of the year - Gig 'Em Aggies!
This was a great day for more reasons than I can count.

Pretty Sage :)

Day 69: Pretty Sage enjoying the fabulous Labor Day weather. Wonderful weather for dinner on the patio with Donnie and the crazy canines.

Lifehouse Social

Day 70: Lifehouse Social.


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