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I’ve been considering moving to a new URL hosted by WordPress for a while now. My infinitely intelligent husband suggested I blog from there to begin with, but I insisted that Blogger was the way to go. As per usual, he was right and I’m now wishing I had listened to him. I have nothing personal against Blogger – I think it’s a great platform and I appreciate that it’s generally user friendly. I really do like using it – the problem is post formatting. 

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The layout and buttons are so finicky!! I can write a blog post in 30 minutes, but it takes me 45 minutes to get it formatted like I want. Then I press right align on a picture and it aligns to the left and it won’t change and it drives me insane, because I am totally type A and no blog post of mine is going out looking like that. Go change into a more appropriate outfit, child.

To get the post to format just like I want it I usually end up having to write it out in HTML, which is a huge hassle and usually involves at least some amount of help from my husband (who I’m sure wants to come home and help me program a blog post after he’s been programming all day long at work). 

So, I want your opinions. What blogging platform do you use? What do you like about it and what do you not like about it? If you use Blogger, do you have these issues with the post formatting? 

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  • I blog from a WordPress site hosted by my employer. WordPress is definitely the way to go!!! It's way easier and more reliable and not as finicky!

  • ditto what samantha said. blogger used to drive me nuts for the same reasons when i used it. wordpress is much friendlier.

  • I'm on wordpress too and I love it. I think I'm using dreamhost for my domain and then I have the wordpress software installed. I used wordpress.com first and then migrated to dreamhost a few months ago. It was a very smooth and easy transition. :)

  • I use wordpress and I really don't like it. I always have the same problem you do with not getting the pictures to line up how I want them to. It's so annoying!! It could just be because I'm computer illiterate though bc it seems like the other commenters have no problems.

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